"She Dreams in Triad" by Natalie Young


In the night, kiss the dark-haired man,

the stranger,

skin touched with sun, scent of green bottles

and soap.

Here in moon-grazed dream 

he is an old friend,

long attraction, 

a kiss cut short by guilt,

a pressing commitment.



Make him rehearse.

Nothing too dry or engulfing,

the finishing seal on ceremony.

A triple touch of lips,

each word a slow motion

runaway train

to share

to remain—

a vow

until dust kisses dust.    



Wait in the courtyard at dusk.

Run a finger along the full lips.

Chiseled eyes droop tired, hard lines

shaped from rock,

coarse hair tucked in a twirl

beneath rusted orange.

Hold her carved mouth

to mouth—black and perfect

smooth, fashioned stone.

Natalie Young is a founding editor for the poetry magazine Sugar House Review. By day, she works as an art director for an ad agency based out of Salt Lake City. Recent publications include Green Mountains Review, Tampa Review, Rattle, South Dakota Review, Los Angeles Times, Tar River Poetry, and others. Natalie is left-handed, half Puerto Rican, and a fan of Tom Selleck and Swiss cheese.

Posted on March 24, 2016 .