"Sonographer" by Christina Lloyd

Waves travel deep into my body

and you record organ echoes.

You ask about my origins, tell me

about yours, how Ottomans and

Soviets trampled your Armenia.


We speak of invasion, occupation

as the probe skims my skin.

The afternoon's acoustics are perfect:

my densities pulse into grayscale

Seurats you study, absorbed.


I hold my breath, imagining shapes

your homeland has taken. 

Shadowed by the speed of sound, 

all boundaries displaced, I let you 

wade in sheltered waters.

Christina Lloyd holds a master's degree in creative writing from Lancaster University (U.K.) and a master’s degree in Hispanic languages and literatures from U.C. Berkeley. In addition to a couple of chapbooks, her work appears in various publications, most recently in WomenArts Quarterly Journal and The A3 Review. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in creative writing through Lancaster University.

Posted on March 24, 2016 .