"How Many More Days" by Dana De Greff

As in, how many more days can we camp without
getting killed by Alvaro, Alvaro who drinks enough
for three, Alvaro with teeth the color of licorice. 

As in, how much longer until Patagonia gets
a chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous or Adulterers
Anonymous, or Andes Anonymous as in, we climb
up and over the Andes in every conversation.

Hard to talk about the weather when pumas fall
from the sky, when condors and armadillos lurk
like innuendos. As in, a single man is more lonely
than a guanaco macho surrounded by ten hembras. 

How much further to the end of the story, the one
where la gaucha y el gaucho ride off with a horse, 
one of them steering towards the ivory cliffs. 

Born in Miami, Dana De Greff received her MFA in fiction from the University of Miami and is the Founder & Executive Director of PageSlayers Summer Camp, a 2016 Knight Arts Challenge Winner. She has been accepted or awarded scholarships from Tent: Creative Writing; the Tin House Summer Writers’ Workshop; and The Key West Literary Seminar. Her work appears in Philadelphia Stories, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Gulf Stream Magazine, and elsewhere.

Posted on May 1, 2017 .