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Geoffrey Philp and the Spirit of the Story

"I started finding out about my father and all of these years I felt part of my family had him, and I didn’t. They were like, 'Listen, [your father] would only listen to the BBC news. BBC at eight, at six. Forget Bob Marley.' And I was like, Thank God I didn’t grow up with him...I also read this book called My Mother Who Fathered Me. The book asks how do you establish yourself as a Caribbean man when there isn’t a father around? Of course you’ll have baggage left over. It asks what is Caribbean masculinity? Which is why I wrote that set of short stories, Who’s Your Daddy, which is looking at that question from 18 different ways. Which is also why I wrote that story How Do You Tell, too. Because if you’re a gay Caribbean man, will our culture consider you a man?"