PROJECT AMPLIFY: Narrative 4 Limerick

Narrative 4 fosters radical empathy in individuals from myriad backgrounds and different walks of life to change the way they interact with their communities and the world. The story exchange is the core methodology of Narrative 4. In this process individuals trade and retell each other’s stories in the first person. This builds empathy by giving participants the singular experience of walking in another person’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes. The story exchange can be put into action almost anywhere, from schools seeking to decrease bullying to groups of adults engaged around certain issues The story exchange creates safety, openness and a level playing field for all participants, giving them the opportunity to experience personal narratives with understanding, and without judgement. 

Posted on April 28, 2017 .

PROJECT AMPLIFY: Artworks for Youth

At Origins, one of our goals is to publish the work of writers and artists who might not otherwise have access to publishing. This has given rise to Project Amplify, a new initiative and collaboration with nonprofit arts programs around the globe. Here's the inaugural Project Amplify issue featuring poetry and art from Xhosa students in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.